Our cows are raised entirely on pasture and live to be over two years old. This time on lush grass gives our beef great flavor and a level of marbling not often found on grass-fed beef. We then hang our beef for two weeks, which tenderizes the meat and concentrates the flavor. (The industrial beef industry does not do this because of the loss of “water weight.”) 

No animal benefits from good butchery more than the cow. With Seam Butchery, we pull out individual muscle groups. When we sell these as steaks and roasts, we can find you the right cut at the right price, and give you the right instruction to make a great meal. Our whole animals from Braeburn Farm are entirely grass-fed and yet well-marbled.

Although we do our best to keep a wide variety of meats in stock, our dedication to whole animals and local farms means that our selection of cuts will vary day to day, week to week and from season to season. To us, this is the fun of eating locally. We encourage our customers to call us or place on online request for special orders. We will do our best to source particular cuts of meat and meet your needs.