Breads, Meals, Salads, Cheese



Village Bakehouse 

A pate deserves a fresh baguette, cold roast beef a crusty country loaf; a BLT is lost without tangy sourdough, and barbecue is happiest beside a buttermilk biscuit. We count our lucky stars that Lisa and Village Bakehouse supply fresh bread and baked goods to the village (using organic flour milled down the road at Lindley Mill). You can find their daily creations everyday at our shop.


To Go Meal and Salads

Our goal is to provide an inexpensive option for folks without the time to cook tonight’s meal. We’ll use stocks to make Pho and Pozole, and fresh vegetables and meats to make meals that can feed the family affordably. Meals cost around $8. Each day we will also offer 1-2 prepared salads sourced from local, organically-raised vegetables.


Our neighbors at Cornucopia Cheese Co. keep a steady supply of cheese coming into the shop. Sometimes from around the world, sometimes from down the road, our cheeses will pair lovely with our meats, charcuterie, and breads.