Our arrangement with local farms is simple- we buy from farmers that use the highest standards in regards to animal welfare, ecologically sound farming techniques, and quality of meat. We pay the farmer a good price on delivery for these products and allow them to focus on what they do best, which is farming.




Cane Creek Farm (Snow Camp, NC)

Eliza MacLean raises an assortment of different pigs on her farm, which is a combination of beautiful pasture and woods. The pigs feed on a diet of nuts, grubs, roots, and vegetation, along with a feed high in barley, which results in world class pork. The pigs share a life with goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and turkeys, and are also rotated through the gardens to rejuvenate the soil. Her line of Ossabaw Pigs (whose hams are hung for two years for prosciutto) make some of the finest charcuterie anywhere. Read more about the Ossabaw Island Hog and Cane Creek Farm



Braeburn Farm (Snow Camp, NC)

It’s tough to single out what makes Braeburn Farm so special. Braeburn raises a line of Red Devon cattle that were found in a corner of New Zealand and never placed on a grain diet. The farm is also committed to innovative grazing techniques which minimize imputes from fossil fuels, help withstand drought, promote native wildlife, and sequester carbon. Charles “Doc” Sydnor is forever the academic and his commitment to better grazing practices serve as a model for small-scale farming while producing some of the tastiest grass-fed beef. Read more about Braeburn Farm



Bushy Tail Farm (Saxapahaw, NC)

 Once working a brainy job in Boston, Liz Clore decided to call it quits and come farm the family land just across the river in Saxapahaw. We’re glad she did. After learning from the gurus at Peregrine Farm, she now raises magical vegetables (seriously) and poulet-rouge style chickens. She rotates her animals and crops to utilize the byproducts of each, and the salads and birds sold at Left Bank are delicious. Read more about Bushy Tail Farm 

And knowing there’s a new generation of farmers like Liz makes us sure that the food movement is going somewhere good…


Sometimes it’s necessary to supplement with meat from other farms. We will be able to tell you all about these farms too when you visit.