free cooking class!


Saturday, April 15th from 9-10am. RSVP required.


Want to learn  how to cook quick, easy, healthy, and super delicious meals in minutes? We'll teach you how to get creative in the kitchen by becoming familiar with the key principles of cooking any cut of meat. 

We know that some of the regular choices in our case can be a bit intimidating or even baffling. Guanciale? Ham Hocks? Sauce Blankets? Pork Belly? Denver Steaks?

They are all easy to cook, once you know how! 

Learn the principles of Roasting, Braising, and Pan Frying. We'll discuss the basics of muscle anatomy and how to create delicious meals from lesser known (and more affordable) cuts!

When: The first Wednesday of every month from 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Where: Blue Dogwood Public Market - 306 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill

*The $15 Reservation fee can be used towards any purchase made immediately following the class.

**Note that once you have selected a date your reservation cannot be moved do to limited availability.

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