We arrived at butchery through our love of agriculture. Ross spent five years working at Cane Creek and Braeburn Farms.  Aron and Lisa were always strong supporters of local agriculture, and these farms in particular. Over the years, we realized that despite having a world-class product and a community willing to support local farms, we needed a better way to get this food to our customers. Ross began doing whole animal butchery and charcuterie at the Eddy Pub and General Store in Saxapahaw. What started as a cost-saving measure, aimed at allowing the restaurants to focus on sustainable meat, quickly grew into a larger idea and Left Bank Butchery was born.    

  Our background in agriculture is central to our identity as a butcher shop. We understand how seasonal changes affect grasses and pastures, and how this affects the flavor of our grassfed beef and other pasture-raised products. We’re always excited to make suggestions as to the best pig breeds for different charcuterie projects, or to talk to you about a flavorful cut that’s often overlooked. More importantly, we can speak with first hand experience about the farming practices that create our meats. We think that this makes Left Bank a pretty special place.