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Cane Creek Farm (Saxapahaw, NC)

Eliza MacLean raises an assortment of different pigs on her farm, which is a combination of beautiful pasture and woods. The pigs feed on a diet of nuts, grubs, roots, and vegetation, along with a feed high in barley, which results in world class pork. The pigs share a life with goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, and turkeys and are also rotated through the gardens to rejuvenate the soil. Her line of Ossabaw Pigs (whose hams are hung for two years for prosciutto) make some of the finest charcuterie anywhere. Read more about the Ossabaw Island Hog and Cane Creek Farm.

The pigs at Cane Creek Farm are an assorted bunch, as the farm is always tinkering with different breeds and hybrids. This means that particular cuts may vary in size and coloring (there’s no white pork here!). But in all cases, our pork has great flavor, imparted by their lives on pasture and in woods, a diverse diet, and old-time genetics. Our pigs live twice as long as conventional pigs (and yet are smaller), and as with all animals (and most foods), the longer the time, the richer the flavor.


We’re pretty egalitarian about our pork. We love fresh and cured pork, grilled and smoked, roasted and braised, ground into flavorful sausages or simply salted. We feel obliged sometimes to remind folks- high-quality pork is delicious in all of its forms. At Left Bank we celebrate a grilled pork chop (that reminds you nothing of your childhood) and charcuterie alike.

Although the selection will change, you may see: 
Cured meats: Pancetta, Guanciale, Bacon 
Sausages: Chorizo, Chaurice, Merguez, Kielbasa, Italian, Bratwurst, Knockwurst
Smoked Goodness: Barbecue, Spare Ribs, Tasso 
Charcuterie: Pates, Terrines, 5-Way Pork Pie, Confits, Rillettes, Ciccioli 
Odds and Ends: Pork Rinds, Lard, Stocks, Marinated and ready-to-grill skewers and roasts.

Nearly all of our meat is butchered from whole animals raised on nearby farms. Although we do our best to keep a wide variety of meats in stock, our dedication to whole animals and local farms means that our selection of cuts will vary day to day, week to week and from season to season. To us, this is the fun of eating locally. We encourage our customers to call us or place on online request for special orders. We will do our best to source particular cuts of meat and meet your needs.