Why Our Meat is Different



Whole Animals

We use whole animals because this is what makes sense to us. It is most respectful of the animal and helps support small scale farmers.  For some in the butchery world, meat arrives as a carcass or broken down and neatly arranged inside a box. We think of butchery in its entirety: starting with the husbandry, genetics, and diets that influenced that particular animal, all the way down to how best to prepare each cut for you. And by buying whole animals, we can stand by each piece of meat we sell.



Tasty Meat

Maybe we’re just trying to get meat to taste the way it did in generations past. Egg yolks are supposed to be golden, beef and chicken should be full of flavor, and pork was never meant to be an insipid, lean “white” meat. Sausage doesn’t need fillers, and when a cow lives for over two years, we think it has time to hang (dry-age) for two weeks. Our farmers raise their animals slowly, and we do our best from there.

And Charles in the background, always building fence...

And Charles in the background, always building fence...



Healthy Meat

Healthy meat can only come from healthy animals, and healthy animals come from holistic husbandry practices. Read about our farms to see how they do it. 

If you’re interested in the numerous health benefits of pasture raised meat, please read here